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Planet Neverland

Authors: J.M. Page & Juno Wells

Genre: Young Adult
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars
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Welcome to Kindle eBooks, in which all of your desires come to be truth and obligations are a fear of the past.

Wendy Darling has always been the dutiful, doting sister to her twin brothers, John and Michael, so wrapped up in protecting them from themselves that she’s placed her existence on keepby no means experiencing any of the pleasurethe world has to offer for herself.

Now adults, the men are tired of being stifled through Wendy’s smothering and lengthy for freedom and adventure. They get extra than they bargained for after they meet Peter, a avenue performer from some other planet, on this planetsearching for new additions to his display.

Peter’s in dire straits after maximum of his crew disappeared without a hint. He’s desperate for greater performers and happily accepts the twins into his group — although it method their bossy sister tags along. She insists.

There’s greater to Wendy than meets the attention; her biting wit and fierce protectiveness make her get up in opposition to Peter like no person ever has — and he likes it.

however Neverland isn’t as fear-unfastened as Peter promised. Performers are vanishing in droves and no matter his burgeoning romance with Wendy, Peter knows he has a goal on his lower back. It’s handiest a count number of time earlier than his past catches as much as him.

stuck between loyalty and love, they’ll every must select a facet and the wrong preference should effortlessly spell the quit for Neverland — or catastrophe for his or her love.

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