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Alice is Sleeping – a Children’s Book on Effective Sleeping and Parental Roles

Alice is Sleeping – a Children’s Book on Effective Sleeping and Parental Roles in 

Ensuring that Kids get Sufficient Shut Eye Time

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Increasingly, sleep is becoming something modern societies have come to compromise on. It has become a popular notion that sleep is not all that important and that it can be sacrificed – no major ramifications would crop up. Sleep deprivation is an issue that is often overlooked and dismissed. What’s worrying is the fact that children are increasingly facing sleep deprivation that impinges both their physical and mental growth that cause problems which don’t only affect children presently but also later in life. 

Alice is Sleeping
Alice is Sleeping

Alice is Sleeping is a book penned by S.R Pandi-Perumal and illustrated by Alicia Souza keeping children who are susceptible to sleep deprivation in mind. The book’s content is aimed to address sleep insufficiency in children and how parents and teachers can instill the message that no TV show or video game is worth sacrificing sleep for.
Alice is Sleeping is written in a way children can relate to and grasp quickly with the message on why sleep is important without sounding preachy and intimidating. The subtle cajole and Alice’s cute exchanges with her father who asks her to go to bed will relate to kids very well. In this book, good habits for children that they should carry for a lifetime are also interspersed – Alice brushes her teeth and kisses her mother goodnight before hitting the sack. The way S.R Pandi-Perumal has written this part is not only heartwarming but also realistic.
There are tips for parents to pick up in Alice is Sleeping on how they can make their children’s bedroom more sleep friendly – that is, only using the bedroom to sleep and have another room for children to do their active activities that constitute of studying, working and playing. Having a room only to sleep is expedient, S.R Pandi-Perumal suggests in this book. A sleeping Alice then looks forward to a next day to wake up to so that she can live it with renewed energy.
About the author
Born in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India, S.R Pandi-Perumal had an illustrious career in the dynamics of sleep spanning over a decade. S.R Pandi-Perumal’s passion and intense interest in the significance of the sleep cycle and how it impacts health have brought him to the authoring of Alice is Sleeping.
S.R Pandi-Perumal is a world renowned sleep researcher. To his credit, he has a record of authoring/co-authoring over 200 scientific publications and editing over 25 high profile academic volumes that are related to the science of sleep. He is eminent among the sleep community.
Much of S.R Pandi-Perumal’s personal and professional life and career have been dedicated to the advocating and achieving a good night’s slumber. S.R Pandi-Perumal developed the desire to reach out to an audience that is increasingly affected by sleep complications, children. Alice is Sleeping is the outcome of that desire of S.R Pandi-Perumal’s. He is committed to augmenting awareness on how sleep and health are interconnected.
Alice is Sleeping is a book every parent needs to give their child so that they will be motivated to sleep on time and preserve health to live life to the fullest in the healthiest possible way.

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