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I Sold 45,303 Copies In January

I’ve just got my Kindle figures for January 2011 and I’m happy to say that I sold 45,303 copies – a slight increase on December.

My bestseller was The Basement which topped the Kindle UK Top 100 for the month. Not included in my sales figures are Hard Landing, which is at the Number 2 position. Hard Landing is the first in my Spider Shepherd undercover cop series. My publisher Hodder and Stoughton have cut the price to 49p and are continuing to keep the price low for at least another month while we see if it feeds through to increased sales of the rest of the series. I would estimate that we’re selling more than 600 copies a day of Hard Landing. The rest of the series do seem to be moving up the rankings, but slowly! I think that reflects the fact that they are still quite expensive, with some of them actually selling for more than price of the real book.

In second place, sales-wise, is my vampire story, Once Bitten. It sold 13,101 copies, just less than half of The Basement sales. Prior to Christmas, Once Bitten was selling twice as many as The Basement, and I’m still not sure why there was a turnaround. Both are getting lots of reviews (mainly four and five star) with The Basement already passing the 100 review mark with Once Bitten not far behind!

In third place, sales-wise, is my science fiction novel, Dreamer’s Cat, with sales of 3,761. For two weeks I had priced Dreamer’s Cat at £1.99 and that definitely hit sales so I have put it back to 72p which will, I think, increase sales this month. We’ll see.

My Bangkok novel Private Dancer only sold 185 copies during January, but the price is just under £4 so that’s not surprising.

The one book that I am disappointed with is my Bangkok detective novel Bangkok Bob and The Missing Mormon. It sold just 169 copies. For most of the month I sold the book at £2.99, which I think is a fair price but it hardly sold and only received eight reviews. I really don’t understand why it isn’t selling as I think it’s a good book. I have just cut the price to 75p (showing as 86p after VAT and delivery) to see if that helps, and in two days it moved from about 800 in the UK Kindle ranking to 400 or so. But that’s still only a few copies a day.

My American sales are still miniscule compared with my UK sales. In all I sold 856 copies through Kindle US in January, with The Basement, at 347 copies, doing best and Once Bitten close behind at 316. I don’t understand why Once Bitten isn’t selling better – it’s priced low (99 cents) and is getting great reviews, including four and a half stars from the Paranormal Romance Guild who featured the book on their website at http://www.paranormalromanceguild.com/booksonreview2011.htm

It’s still a mystery to me why I’m not selling better in the US and I’m currently talking to eBook guru Joe Konrath in the States about successful selling strategies. Watch this space!

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