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Article About Me In The Observer Newspaper

I'm featured in The Observer newspaper in the UK today, along with US eBook star Amanda Hocking. It was written by the paper's books editor and it was clear from talking to him that journalists are as confused as everyone else about where the publishing world is going! I suggested that the paper starts to review books that have only been released as eBooks which is something that doesn't happen at the moment. The papers seem to think that a book only exists if it has been published by one of the big firms and really that's no longer the case and there are some great eBooks out there that don't exist as a physical edition!

A very cute photographer spent an hour taking my picture around Dublin but on the online story they used a photograph of a blonde lady holding a Kindle! I'm off to buy the paper to see if they used my picture in it!

CLICK HERE to see the article!

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